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Important Tips ForBoard Exams

1.  The first and foremost tip is to believe in yourself, if you think you can, you can and if you think you cannot, you can’t. Always think “I am the best, I will do the best I can”. Do not be afraid of committing mistakes. Mistakes are embarrassing when the happen….but after a period of time, you have a collection of mistakes, called experience which leads you to success.

2. One who has the goal make the rule? A goal is a dream attached with a deadline which means once you lay down you goal say, e.g., to complete the chapter of partnership Firm of Company accounts or Ratio Analysis, then also attached the specific time period with it for its completion. This will save you time, energy and effort.

3. Killing time murders opportunities. We should not waste time in just deciding when to study. Try studying late, as well as early and see the result and compare. Follow the schedule that gives you maximum result and satisfaction. But avoid wasting time as we all know time and tide waits for none!

4. Every sunset gives us one day less to live every morning gives us one day more to hope! So hope for the best in future. Don’t regret for the time gone by; value the time available in future. Be optimist, hopeful and motivated to make best use available time in future.

5.  The road to success is dotted with many tempting distractions. It mean I the process of success you will find many obstacles. In your way, there may be many forces of distraction, but the greatest ones are your owns. You had better meditate on how to calm your thoughts down.

6. The need of hour is not hard work but smart work. Solving 100 questions with lack of concept clarity has no meaning. So once your concepts are clear and after solving all questions, identity a limited number of comprehensive questions which involve all the concepts of a chapter and then start practicing them again and again until the last day of exams.

7. Moving further and forgetting previous chapters is a common problem noticed among the students, as they move on to the next chapter the end to forget the previous chapter. Apply FRT (Fast Revision Technique), i.e., to revise more within lesser time. In this technique, at the end of the every week, students must solve at least 3-5 comprehensive questions from the previous chapter to enhance their speed, memory, and accuracy.

8. Do not ignore theory. Another important aspect to score good marks and even 100 per cent in accounts is only possible from theory.

9. Presentation (Formats). In accountancy, be very practical about the preparation of formats of journal, ledger, writing narrations etc. 25 percent of the marks will be deducted for not doing this.

10. Score More. Do not leave out any questions, if you know only one part of answer, write out as correctly as you can. Also remember, two half-answered question will often get you more marks than one fully answered. Always keep in mind “Five good answers are always better then 4 best answers” which means do not spend more time on solving/writing one question at the cost of other.

11. Last but not least try to keep yourself cool. Always think I am well, everyone is well, All is well.

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